Rams FC Club Fees


How much does Rams FC cost?

The fees for Rams FC are all-inclusive and can be paid in installments over the course of the playing year, with the final balance being due March 31, 2015. Based on research of the other Rhode Island premier programs,  Rams FC's club fees are in line with the quality of the training and facilities the players have available to them. The annual costs are most often significantly less than other premier clubs in Rhode Island and in the region. There will be NO  increase in the fee's for the upcoming season and are listed below:

Fee Structure



Items included within fee's vary per age group but typically include:

Training  Kits (Game uniforms are not covered)

Indoor and Outdoor Training Space

Winter and Spring Leagues

Fall League for younger age groups

RI State Championships for u12 +

3 Outdoor Tournaments for u12-u18

2 Outdoor Tournaments for u10-u11

Admission to Rams FC Academy in Early Winter and again in Early Spring

Administrative and Coaching Costs

Insurance and Registration Costs

Strength and Agility Training, Sports Nutrition Workshops and College Search Workshops